2021 SSR Contraceptive Symposium

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Application of Novel Models of Male Reproductive Function for Contraceptive Discovery

4:00 – Welcome and Opening Comments

4:05 – Paula Cohen, Cornell University, USA
The Boys Are Back In Town: (Re-)Visiting Strategies For Male Contraception

4:50 – Maxwell Edmonds, Northwestern University, USA
Engineering the Testis: Current State and Future Perspectives

5:05 – Margarida Fardilha, University of University of Aveiro, Portugal
Modulation of sperm Motility with Bioportide that Target Protein Phosphatase 1 Complexes

5:20 – Jeffrey Lee, University of Toronto, Canada
Nanobodies to Block Sperm-Egg Fusion

5:35- Jiyang Zhang, Northwestern University, USA
Mouse Ovarian Follicles from Encapsulated in Vitro Follicle Growth (eIVFG) Preserve Molecular Signatures of Mammalian Ovulation

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