Support for Scientific Meetings

The Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) is committed to enhancing reproductive biology research through support of scientific meetings focused on topics of relevance to the society.  

Awards for support of international and regional meetings will be made on a competitive basis. Decisions will be made twice yearly at the mid-winter (late January/early February) and annual board meetings of SSR in mid-July). Criteria for selection will include relevance of the request for furthering the field of reproductive biology, enhancing SSR visibility to the wider scientific community, and enhancing value of SSR membership.

Requests for Meeting Support

Note that all requests for meeting support should be addressed to SSR Executive Director, at, who will oversee review of proposals. 

Deadlines for proposals will be May 31 (for mid-July approval) and December 1 (for late January/early February approval) of each year; each event must be no less than 90 days from the time of submission.

International/National Meetings Grants (see below for application instructions)

Upon application and successful review by the SSR Board, the society will support 4-5 meetings annually with maximum support of $5,000. 

Regional Meeting Grants (see below for application instructions) 

Upon application and successful review by the SSR Board, the society will support regional meetings organized by regular SSR members. Each meeting will be eligible for up to $750 in support. Up to 10 such meetings will be supported each year. 

Below are the guidelines and requirements for submitting an application for meeting support.


  • SSR will provide support for regional and local reproductive and developmental sciences meetings only.
    Support through this program will not be provided for national or international meetings. Attendees, other than keynote speakers, must be from the host institution and surrounding region.
  • The host organization or institution is eligible for one award per year.
  • The meeting organizers and registrants must include regular members of the SSR.
  • International or non-U.S./Canadian applicants are eligible to apply.
  • The meeting must anticipate more than 40 registered attendees (e.g., based on prior years or current registrations).
  • Regularly scheduled institutional or departmental meetings are not eligible for support (i.e., grand rounds, regular divisional or departmental seminar series, etc.)
  • Applications must be submitted by May 31 and December 1. Applications should be submitted by email to the Treasurer

Conditions of the Award

  • The amount of support will not exceed $750.
  • Recipients will be required to acknowledge SSR support for the meeting in all promotional materials. The
    SSR Business Office will provide SSR slides to use in meeting acknowledgements, a promotional flyer for
    distribution to the membership in hardcopy or email, and the SSR logo to be used on printed program
  • After the meeting, the organizers will be required to provide the final program, the number of attendees,
    and, where feasible, names and contact information of attendees.

Application Guidelines

  • The application must include the following sections:
    1. Meeting information, including: Title, Meeting Dates, Sponsoring Institution/Organization, Name and Affiliation of Program/Organizing Chair(s).
    2. An overview of the general focus or theme of the meeting.
    3. Describe the expected geographic representation of attendees as well as the professional makeup of the target audience (i.e., faculty, staff, trainees, graduate students).
    4. Describe what the award will be used for and how SSR’s support for the meeting will be acknowledged. Examples of how SSR’s support is acknowledged include flyers/advertisements, slides in introductory or concluding remarks, posters, printed brochures, etc.
  • The application will be no more than 1 page in length (1 inch margins, 12 pt Arial font).
  • Include the meeting flyer/advertisement and itinerary as attachments with the application.
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