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Trainee Membership 

Trainee Members of SSR include undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and M.D.s and D.V.M.s engaged in research training in reproductive biology and closely related fields. Trainee members pay very affordable membership dues that cover access to Biology of Reproduction online, reduced meeting registration fees, and eligibility for travel grants and merit awards. Learn more and become a member of SSR today

Most importantly, an SSR membership provides the opportunity to interact with established scientists and with other trainees in the field of reproductive biology. Career opportunities, new scientific ideas and collaborations, and lasting friendships are forged through these interactions. To stay up to date with our SSR Trainees, please follow us through social media via Twitter and Facebook

Opportunities and Events for Trainees

Trainee events at the Annual Meeting:

  • Trainee Forum: Presentations and discussions on topics of particular interest to new scientists, such as career development, networking, and ethical management of data. 
  • Trainee/ Early Investigator Grant Workshop: The Grants Workshop gives trainee and early-stage investigators the opportunity to develop their grant writing skills and get feedback on an active proposal. 
  • Trainee–Mentor Lunch: The Trainee-Mentor Lunch provides trainees with an opportunity to engage with SSR mentors in an informal setting over lunch. This is your opportunity to meet with mentors from academia, editorial staff, clinicians, funding agency representatives and potential employers.  
  • Career Consultation Center: Meet one on one with an experienced mentor to get advice about your career options and what steps you need to take to put you on a trajectory for success. 
  • Trainee Affairs Committee Meeting: An open meeting at which all Trainees are welcome. This committee consists of the two Trainee Representatives (elected by the Trainee Membership), other Trainees selected by the representatives and the President of SSR, and faculty advisors. The committee coordinates the Trainee-centered events at the Annual Meeting and provides advice and information to the Trainee Representatives, who serve as liaisons with the Board of Directors. Please see the Committee page for the current committee list. 

Opportunities to serve:

  • Volunteer at the Annual Meeting: Annual Meetings rely heavily on support from Trainees serving on the Trainee Volunteer Subcommittee (TVS). The TVS provides structured opportunities for Trainees to participate in the Annual Meeting. If you have questions or would like to participate as a volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Coordinators.  
  • Committee Representative: Trainees serve on the majority of SSR’s committees. Most committees have one or two Trainee members at a time, although the Trainee Affairs Committee is largely made up of Trainees, and the Program Committee tends to have several Trainee members. Committee members are appointed by the President of the Society and/or the committee chairs. An e-mail call for those interested in serving on committees goes out each fall from the President. Please respond if you are interested.  
  • Trainee Representative: There are two Trainee Representatives serving at any one time: a senior and a junior serving overlapping terms. Each Trainee Representative, elected by the Trainee Membership, serves for two years. They coordinate Trainee events, attend Board Meetings, and are a valuable liaison between the Board and the Trainee Membership. An e-mail call for nominations for this position goes out each fall, and elections normally take place in March or April. You may nominate yourself or be nominated by another Trainee or Regular Member. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and other Trainees are all welcome to apply. Applicants should anticipate remaining Trainees for the duration of their term in office. Trainee Representatives are expected to attend both Summer and Winter Board Meetings during their term of service. Expenses for the Summer Board Meeting, which precedes the SSR Annual Meeting, are not covered by the Society. However, expenses for the Winter Board Meeting are reimbursed for representatives traveling from within North America and are subsidized for representatives traveling from other locations. Serving as a Trainee Representative is an excellent way to become familiar with the workings of the Society. Please see the Trainee Affairs section on the Committee page for a list of past Trainee Reps.   
  • Session co-chair: Platform sessions at the Annual Meeting are normally chaired by two people, one of whom is a Trainee. Trainees interested in serving as co-chairs are solicited during completion of the Annual Meeting program. You are always welcome to submit your name to your Trainee Representatives if you are interested in serving in this or any other capacity.  

Trainee Funding and Awards  

  • SSR Awards: Both need- and merit-based awards are available through SSR. These awards assist with travel to the Annual Meeting for presentation of data and recognize outstanding accomplishment. Learn more on our Trainee Awards page [link to trainee awards page].  
  • National Postdoctoral Association  
    The Society is a member of the National Postdoctoral Association, a “key driver” in postdoctoral policies. The NPA advocates for policy change within the research institutions that host postdoctoral scholars, working with the leadership of federal agencies—such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation—to develop new programs and policies for postdoctoral training, compensation, and benefits. Since the NPA’s founding in 2003, more than 150 institutions have adopted portions of the NPA’s Recommended Practices.  
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