SSR is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Executive Council, six Directors, and two Trainee Representatives elected by a ballot of the Regular Members of the Society. The SSR Bylaws detail each position’s responsibilities and term of office.

Governance Documents for SSR can be found here.

Executive Council

Blanche Capel


Term: 2023-2024
Duke University Medical Center
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Jennifer Wood

Vice President

Term: 2023-2024
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska

Mellissa Mann

Vice President Elect

Term: 2023-2024
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Peter J. Hansen

Past President

Term: 2023-2024
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Jodi Anne Flaws


Term: 2022-2025
University of Illinois
Urbana, Illinois

Lane Christenson


Term: 2023-2026
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, Kansas


Rebecca Krisher

Term: 2021-2024
Deforest, Wisconsin

Humphrey Yao

Term: 2021–2024
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

T. Rajendra Kumar

Term: 2022–2025
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Aurora, Colorado

Julie Kim

Term: 2022-2025
Northwestern University
Chicago, Illinois

Francesca Duncan

Term: 2023-2026
Northwestern University
Chicago, Illinois

Rocío Rivera

Term: 2023-2026
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri

Early Career Investigator

Diana Monsivais

Term: 2022-2025
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Trainee Representatives

Jacinta Martin

Term: 2022–2024
University of Newcastle
Newcastle, Australia

Alison Ermisch

Term: 2023-2025
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska

Interim Executive Director (ex officio)

Ashley Carey

Society for the Study of Reproduction
Wakefield, Virginia

Editors-in-Chief (ex officio)

Mary Zelinski, PHD

Term: 2021–2025
Oregon National Primate Research Center, Oregon Heath and Science University
Beaverton, Oregon

Romana Nowak, PhD

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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