2021 SSR Contraceptive Symposium

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Leveraging Unique Female Physiology to Discover New Contraceptive Targets

4:00 – Welcome and Opening Comments, Darryl Russell, The Univerity of Adelaide, Austrailia

4:05 – Francesca Duncan, Northwestern University, USA
Harnessing In Vitro Follicle Development and Ovulation for Ovarian Contraceptive Discovery

4:50 – Joy Winuthayanon, Washington State University
Blocking Semen Liquefaction: The Development of a Novel Contraceptive for Women

5:05 – Eric Reiter, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France
Towards Nonhormonal Contraception by Nanobody-Mediated Modulation of Ovarian GPCRs

5:20 – Leo Han, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), USA
Development of High Throughput Screening for Cervix-Based Contraceptives

5:35- Alaknanda Emery, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Targeting N-Cadherin During Ovulation- a Non-Hormonal Contraceptive

5:45 – Eliza Curnow, Univerisity of Washington, USA
Development of a Non-Hormonal Female Contraceptive by Targeting Oocyte Specific Metalloprotease

5:50 – Closing Comments

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