2020 Contraceptive Symposium

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Male Contraceptive Development Targeting Spermatogenesis

4:00 – Keynote Speaker: Patricia Cuasnicú, Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine, Argentina
CRISP Proteins as Novel Targets for Male Contraceptive Development

4:45 – Gustavo Blanco, Kansas University Medical Center, USA
Targeting Na,K-ATPase Alpha 4 for Male Contraception

5:00 – John Amory, University of Washington, USA 
Inhibition of Retinoic Acid Biosynthesis as A Target for Male Contraception

5:15 – Wei Yan, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, USA
SD-1 Is A Reversible, Non-Hormonal Male Contraceptive Agent

5:30 – Asifu Basiru, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Waltheria Indica Linn. Root Exhibits Male Contraceptive Effect Through Inhibition of Androgensis In Male Wistar Rats

5:40 – Haiqi Chen, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA
Testicular Spatial Transcriptome Atlas Reveals Functional Dynamics in Gene Programs During Mammalian Spermatogenesis

5:50 – Maximilian Lyon, Washington University School of Medicine
The Sperm-Specific Potassium Channel SLO3 is a Target for Contraceptive Development

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