Sustaining support provided by the Virendra B. Mahesh New Investigator Fund.​

This award recognizes an active, regular member of SSR for outstanding research completed and published within 12 years after receiving the Ph.D. or other equivalent professional degree. Nominees will be evaluated on the originality, significance, and impact of their research in reproductive sciences or allied fields, and the degree to which their research was independent of that of a mentor. Two letters of support from senior colleagues and/or scientific collaborators should accompany the nomination. View the procedures for guidelines regarding the length of the nomination and supporting letters. 

Criteria for the SSR New Investigator award are as follows

  1. Originality, independence, and innovation.
  2. Contribution and significance to the field of reproductive sciences and allied fields of investigation.
  3. Development of important new methodology, technology, and/or clinical procedures with clear applications in basic research, animal or human clinical practice, or assisted reproductive technologies.

The deadline to submit a nomination has expired. The 2024 Major Awards will be announced in March 2024.

View previous SSR New Investigator Award recipients below:

2023: Ahmed Balboula, Ph.D.
2022: David Pépin, Ph.D.
2021: Sue Hammoud, Ph.D.
2019: Francesca E. Duncan, Ph.D.
2018: Karen Schindler, Ph.D.
2017: Christopher Geyer, Ph.D
2016: Sarah Kimmins, Ph.D.
2015: Satoshi Namekawa, Ph.D.
2014: Kanako Hayashi, Ph.D.

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