The Janice Bahr Junior Scientist Travel Award is a self-nominated award and was established in 2017 to recognize a Regular Member of the Society, an active Assistant Professor or position of similar rank on the tenure-track.

Award Criteria:

  1. Individual must be a regular member of SSR
  2. Provide proof of appointment as an Assistant Professor or position of similar rank and be less than 5 years into a tenure track/ similar appointment
  3. Be employed by a U.S or international academic institution

 Application Components:

  1. Statement of Purpose – Please submit a statement (2-page maximum) describing your professional accomplishments that qualify you as a competitive applicant for the award. Specifically detail your accomplishments in the areas of research, education, and service.
  2. Recommendation Letters (sent directly to SSR)
  3. Curriculum Vitae

View the 
procedures for guidelines regarding the length of the nomination and supporting letters. 

The deadline for nominations was October 1, 2022.  Award recipients will be notified in the coming weeks.View previous Janice Bahr Junior Scientist Travel Fund recipients HERE

2022: Joe (Huanyu) Qiao, PhD
2021: Jean-Ju L. Chung, PhD
2019: Annie Newell-Fugate, PhD, DVM
2018: Zeilann Craig and Beth Snyder

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