2020 Contraceptive Symposium

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Novel Contraceptives Targeting Sperm Development and Function

4:00 – Keynote Speaker: Martin Matzuk, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
DNA-Encoded Chemistry Technology and Functional Genomics for Contraception Research

4:45 – Laura Giojalas, National University of Cordoba, Argentina 
Sperm Chemotaxis And Its Potential Application For New Contraceptive Development

5:00- Mariano Buffone, Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine, Argentina 
Sperm Acrosome Reaction and Capacitation and The Potential Application For New Contraceptive Development

5:15 – Aaron Crapster, Vibliome Therapeutics Stanford University, USA
HIPK4-Selective Inhibitors for Male Contraception

5:30 – Alan Andrew Silva, São Paulo State University, Brazil 
The Roles of Epididymal Protease Inhibitor (EPPIN) N-Terminal and C-Terminal Regions on The Regulation of Mouse Sperm Motility

5:40 – Noemia Mariani, São Paulo State University, Brazil 
Recombinant Seminal Vesicle-Secreted Protein SVS2 Inhibits the Motility of Mouse Spermatozoa in vitro

5:50 – Nongnuj Tanphaichitr, University of Ottawa, Canada 
Potential Use of LL-37/17BIPHE2 as Vaginal Spermicides/Microbicides

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