This award recognizes an active, regular member of the Society for outstanding research published over the previous six years. The letter of nomination should be accompanied by two supporting letters from other individuals. In making its recommendation, the Awards Committee will consider the significance of the problems under investigation, the breadth and depth of the analyses performed, and the level of originality manifested in the publications of this work. The recipient of this award will have the honor of presenting their research during the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in 2023. View the procedure for guidelines regarding the length of the nomination and supporting letters.

Award Criteria

  1. Research
    1. Originality
      1. Pioneered in the development of novel and significant areas of knowledge including the development of innovative hypotheses during research.
      2. Developed new knowledge in a creative manner and with independent insight.
      3. Created new knowledge which served as a foundation for expanding our understanding of reproductive biology and/or for the application of knowledge to technology.
    2. Experimental Practices
      1. Developed new and superior experimental methodologies.
      2. Formulated experimental designs that permitted the derivation of unambiguous conclusions and concepts.
      3. Communicated research results to the scientific community with clarity through timely presentation at scientific meetings and by publication in high-quality journals.
    3. Leadership
      1. The nominee provided essential contributions in team research endeavors.
      2. The nominee is recognized as an innovator and scholar by her/his peers as evidenced by other scientific awards, and invitations to participate in scholarly activities such as symposia.
      3. The nominee shared her/his research experience willingly and unselfishly with the scientific community through activities such as providing expert advice, sharing new techniques, or providing unique reagents.
  2. Other Activities: This award is given for research excellence. However, the requirement that the nominee be an “active, regular member of the Society” implies participation in the activities of the Society for the Study of Reproduction. Please see SSR’s Service List

The deadline to submit a nomination has expired. The 2024 Major Awards will be announced in March 2024.

View previous SSR Research Award recipients below:

2023: Jodi Flaws, Ph.D.
2022: Marisa Bartolomei, Ph.D.
2021: Jeremy Wang, MD, Ph.D.
2019: Humphrey Yao, Ph.D. 
2018: Dr Wei Yan, Ph.D.
2017: Masahito Ikawa, Ph.D.
2016: Michael J. Soares, Ph.D.
2015: Haifan Lin, Ph.D.
2014: Peter J. Hansen, Ph.D.
2013: Thomas E. Spencer, Ph.D.
2012: Sylvie Breton, Ph.D.
2011: Francesco J. DeMayo, Ph.D.
2010: Asgerally T. Fazleabas, Ph.D.
2009: Richard M. Schultz, Ph.D.
2008: Randy Prather, Ph.D.
2007: Richard Stouffer, Ph.D.

2006: Michael D. Griswold, Ph.D.
2005: Mary Hunzicker-Dunn, Ph.D.
2004: Keith L. Parker, M.D., Ph.D.
2003: Marco Conti, M.D.
2002: Martin M. Matzuk, M.D., Ph.D.
2001: Sudhansu K. Dey, Ph.D.
2000: Norman B. Hecht, Ph.D.
1999: John J. Eppig, Ph.D.
1998: Geula Gibori, Ph.D.
1997: Douglas M. Stocco, Ph.D.
1996: Eli Y. Adashi, M.D.
1995: David Garbers, Ph.D.
1994: William W. Thatcher, Ph.D.
1993: Frank Talamantes Jr., Ph.D.
1992: Jerome F. Strauss III, M.D., Ph.D.

1991: Neal L. First, Ph.D.
1990: Fuller W. Bazer, Ph.D. and R. Michael Roberts, Ph.D.
1989: JoAnne S. Richards, Ph.D.
1988: Gordon D. Niswender, Ph.D.
1987: Fred J. Karsch, Ph.D.
1986: Aaron J.W. Hsueh, Ph.D.
1985: Lutz Birnbaumer, Ph.D.
1984: Charles A. Barraclough, Ph.D.
1983: Roger A. Gorski, Ph.D.
1982: Ryuzo Yanagimachi, Ph.D.
1981: Gary D. Hodgen, Ph.D.
1980: Fernand Labrie, M.D., Ph.D.
1979: James H. Clark, Ph.D.
1978: Cornelia P. Channing, Ph.D.

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