Dr. Barfield, Dr. Wilkins, and the Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Herd Project!

The Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Project focuses on the ecologic and reproductive wellbeing of the bison herd at CSU. Today, we are talking to Dr. Jennifer Barfield and Dr. Kate Wilkins about what it takes to manage, breed, and conserve a bison herd. Tune in as we talk about the importance of bison in their habitat, the benefits of ART, the cultural importance behind this species, and why it takes a village to bring together this project. Enjoy!

The impacts of IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) on human reproduction with Dr Rebecca Krisher

This is the second episode in our series on Breakthroughs in Reproductive Technologies. Here Dr Jane Fenelon and Dr Rachel West talk to Dr Rebecca Krisher about the impact that Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) have had on human reproduction. Join us as we learn more about the common procedures that are available to us today and their efficacy and about some of the controversies surrounding ‘add-ons’ on offer in the IVF clinic We also try and answer some of the big questions like when should women start thinking about their fertility? And what does the future hold? As well as a fascinating insight into Rebecca’s career journey so far and tips for trainees.

Dr. Crosier: Fertility studies and Reproductive Management in Cheetahs!

Today’s episode is about Dr. Crosier, the director of the cheetah reproductive and research program at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI). Tune in as we talk about her journey into the exotic reproductive field, challenges associated with ART in big cats, other projects happening at SCBI, and of course all things felid reproduction!

Breakthroughs in Reproductive Technologies: The history of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) in agriculture with Dr Peter Hansen, Part 1

The first in our series on Breakthroughs in Reproductive Technologies. Here Dr Jane Fenelon and Dr Jean-Magloire Feugang interview Dr Peter Hansen on the history of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and the significant impacts its had on the Agricultural Industry. In Part 1 learn what we mean when we talk about ART technologies and about the pioneers in the field who were instrumental in setting up these technologies. 

Gene Editing in Primates

Recently developed gene-editing techniques have revolutionized our ability to create valuable models of disease. Dr. Jon Hennebold talks about research efforts to use gene-editing approaches for the creation of nonhuman primate disease models that will be critical for understanding their pathology as well as the development of novel therapies.

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