Niamh Forde – Recipient of the Inaugural Roger Short Medal and Lecture

On behalf of SSR, SRF and SRB, the SSR Board of Directors is very pleased to announce that one of its members, Professor Niamh Forde of the University of Leeds, has been selected as the inaugural recipient of the 2023 RV Short Medal and Lecture. As stated by Richard Lea, Chair of the SRF Council, “The selection committee representing the three societies recognized that Niamh’s contributions to reproductive biology research personify the creativity and spirit of discovery of the late Professor Roger Short”.

Read the press release issued by all three societies here.

Niamh is a professor of Molecular Reproductive Biosciences at the University of Leeds and is a global leader in uterine biology. Her research has improved our understanding of the molecular signals between the embryo/conceptus and uterine endometrium.

Congratulations Niamh and thank you for being such a wonderful avatar of the committed reproductive biologist.

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