SSR hosts several webinar series throughout the year. These include our Biology of Reproduction Journal Award Winners, highlighting research from the Journal’s Awards winners, and our Rising Star webinar series, designed to introduce and highlight research from new investigators to the SSR membership and broader reproductive biology research community.

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SSR 2024 Rising Stars #3

Speaker: Dr. Haiqi Chen, UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA Title: Spatially resolved, functional dissection of […]

Resource CategoryAnimal Reproduction, Male Reproduction | SystemHuman | TopicGenetics, Sperm | SeriesRising Stars 2024

Opportunities for Innovation in microTESE Negative Males With Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

This talk will discuss the opportunities for innovation in microTESE negative non-obstructive azoospermic males. We […]

Resource CategoryMale Reproduction, Technology | SystemHuman | TopicSperm | SeriesRising Stars 2023

Identifying Novel Male Determinants that Influence the Conception Environment

Resource CategoryMale Reproduction | SystemHuman | Series2021 Rising Stars in Reproductive Biology

Retinoic acid synchronization of spermatogenesis

This webinar will discuss synchronization of spermatogenesis by manipulating retinoic acid availability is an advantage […]

Resource CategoryMale Reproduction, Technology | SystemHuman | TopicMeiosis | SeriesExperimental Methods and Techniques in Reproduction

Mechanisms regulating GnRH neurons

The brain, it makes hormones with zeal. The control of our gonads is real. The […]

Resource CategoryMale Reproduction | SystemHuman | TopicHormone | SeriesInsights in Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction

Wtf Causes Infertility

Sarah is currently working to identify genes important for executing gametogenesis and to identify genes […]

Resource CategoryMale Reproduction | SystemHuman | TopicGerm Cell, Meiosis | Series2021 Rising Stars in Reproductive Biology

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