Regular Member

“Any individual who has demonstrated professional competence in and made scientific contributions to the field of reproductive biology shall be eligible for Regular Membership in the Society” (Bylaws Article V, Section 1(a)).


In addition to the benefits received by all members, Regular Members enjoy:

  • Reduced registration fees to attend the Annual Meeting.
  • Reduced publication charges for publishing in Biology of Reproduction (when serving as Corresponding Author).

Regular Members may also:

  • Hold office, elect members and officers, and change the Bylaws (Bylaws Article V, Section 2).
  • Nominate others and be nominated for SSR Awards.
  • Serve as voting members of committees (Bylaws Article XI, Section 4).


  • Regular membership in the Society shall be conferred by the Membership Committee on the basis of scientific productivity and continuing interest in the field of reproduction or related areas.

A nominee must have a doctorate or demonstrate its equivalent in scientific accomplishments.

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