2021 Contraceptive Symposia Series

July 21 Session

User Needs for Improved Contraceptive Choice

4:00 - Welcome and Opening Comments, Diane Duffy, Eastern Virginia Medical School

4:05 - Jenny Higgins, PhD, MPH , University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Sex Matters: Sexual Acceptability’s Role in Contraceptive Needs, Choices, and Behaviors

4:50 - Giovanni Traverso, MB, BChir, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Novel Drug Delivery for a Once-a-Month Oral Contraceptive

5:05 - Heather Jaspan, University of Washington, USA
Effects of Contraception on Mucosal Microbiome

5:20 - David Turok, Univeristy of Utah, USA
Utah - Contraception As You Want It

5:35 - Oral Presentation

5:45 - Oral Presentation

5:50 - Closing Comments

July 28 Session

Leveraging Unique Female Physiology to Discover New Contraceptive Targets

4:00 - Welcome and Opening Comments, Darryl Russell, The Univerity of Adelaide, Austrailia

4:05 - Francesca Duncan, Northwestern University, USA
Harnessing In Vitro Follicle Development and Ovulation for Ovarian Contraceptive Discovery

4:50 - Joy Winuthayanon, Washington State University
Blocking Semen Liquefaction: The Development of a Novel Contraceptive for Women

5:05 - Eric Reiter, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France
Towards Nonhormonal Contraception by Nanobody-Mediated Modulation of Ovarian GPCRs

5:20 - Leo Han, Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), USA
Development of High Throughput Screening for Cervix-Based Contraceptives

5:35- Alaknanda Emery, The University of Adelaide, Australia
Targeting N-Cadherin During Ovulation- a Non-Hormonal Contraceptive

5:45 - Eliza Curnow, Univerisity of Washington, USA
Development of a Non-Hormonal Female Contraceptive by Targeting Oocyte Specific Metalloprotease

5:50 - Closing Comments

August 4 Session

Application of Novel Models of Male Reproductive Function for Contraceptive Discovery

4:00 - Welcome and Opening Comments

4:05 - Paula Cohen, Cornell University, USA The Boys Are Back In Town: (Re-)Visiting Strategies For Male Contraception

4:50 - Maxwell Edmonds, Northwestern University, USA Engineering the Testis: Current State and Future Perspectives

5:05 - Margarida Fardilha, University of University of Aveiro, Portugal Modulation of sperm Motility with Bioportide that Target Protein Phosphatase 1 Complexes

5:20 - Jeffrey Lee, University of Toronto, Canada Nanobodies to Block Sperm-Egg Fusion

5:35- Jiyang Zhang, Northwestern University, USA
Mouse Ovarian Follicles from Encapsulated in Vitro Follicle Growth (eIVFG) Preserve Molecular Signatures of Mammalian Ovulation