Awards & Scholarships

SSR Major Awards

SSR Regular and Emeritus Members in good standing may nominate worthy individuals for the SSR Awards according to the guidelines published annually. The awards are made solely to recognize outstanding contributions to the reproductive sciences and bear no obligation to the recipient or to the donor.

Carl G. Hartman Award
Supported by SSR

Named for a distinguished reproductive biologist, this is the Society's highest award. It recognizes a career of research and scholarly achievements in the field of reproductive biology. It is not required that the nominee be a member of the Society. More Details...

SSR Research Award
Supported by SSR.

This award recognizes an active, Regular Member of the Society for outstanding research published during the previous six years. More Details...

SSR Jansen Distinguished Leadership and Service Award
​Supported by SSR.

This award recognizes a member of the Society who has demonstrated unselfish service and leadership in advancing the discipline of reproductive biology. More Details...

Virendra B. Mahesh New Investigator Award
Supported by the Virendra B. Mahesh New Investigator Fund.

This award recognizes an active, Regular Member of the Society for outstanding research completed and published within 12 years after receiving the Ph.D. or other equivalent professional degree. More Details...

SSR Trainee Mentoring Award
Supported by the SSR Trainee Mentoring Fund.

This award recognizes an active, Regular Member of the Society who as a mentor has had a significant impact on Trainees within the SSR. The Trainee Mentoring Award is intended for individuals who exceed the basic roles of an academic advisor and becomes a mentor to those with whom they interact. More Details...

Janice Bahr Junior Scientist Travel Award
Supported by Janice M. Bahr, Ph.D.

This award recognizes a Regular Member of the Society, an active Assistant Professor or position of similar rank on the tenure track. More Details...

Fuller W. Bazer SSR International Scientist Award
Supported by Fuller W. Bazer, Ph.D.

This award recognizes an outstanding International Scientist who has consistently demonstrated excellence in research and graduate education at an institution outside of North America. The individual demonstrates outstanding potential for leading and directing scientific research overseas. More Details...

To submit a nomination for the 2024 Major Awards, please see here. The nomination deadline is September 28, 2023. The deadline to submit a nomination has been extended to October 16, 2023.