The Society for the Study of Reproduction needs you! Are you passionate about the reproductive sciences and looking to make a meaningful impact in the field? Our 2024 Call for Volunteers is open now and you’re invited to apply! As a volunteer, you will play a critical role in shaping the direction of the Society and advancing the field of reproductive science.

By joining a committee, you will have the opportunity to work alongside other leading researchers and gain valuable experience in leadership, project management, and collaboration. You will also have a chance to shape the Society’s programs and initiatives and make an impact on the reproductive science community.

Our committees cover a wide range of topics, from education and outreach to awards and governance. Whether you are a trainee, early career professional, or established researcher, there is a committee that suits your interests and expertise.

  • Awards Committee: Recognizing our members for their scientific talent, mentoring, or service.
  • Bylaws Committee: Creating, refining, and upholding the bylaws that govern the Society.
  • Development Committee: Raising funds to support the programs and activities of the Society.
  • Diversity Committee: Highlighting and supporting the underrepresented minority scientists in the reproductive science field.
  • Heritage Committee: Celebrating and recognizing the rich history of our society and its members.
  • Membership Committee: Ensuring that SSR continues to be a vital resource for our members and recruiting new members to the society.
  • Public Affairs Committee: Promoting our members’ ground-breaking scientific work and helping advance SSR’s Science Policy.
  • Publications Committee: Managing the Society’s journal, Biology of Reproduction.
  • Trainee Affairs Committee: Planning and coordinating SSR activities focused on trainee development.
  • Virtual Education Committee: Developing virtual education programs for SSR members, including SSR webinars and podcasts.
  • Women in Reproductive Sciences (WinRS) Committee:  Addressing the challenges and promoting the careers of individuals working in the reproductive sciences that identify as women.
  • NEW FASEB Opportunity! Early-Career Representatives on the Board of Directors and Science Policy Committee: Early-career scientists make up a significant portion of the biological and biomedical sciences community. To better represent the unique insights and opinions of this critical group at the highest levels of Federation leadership and to foster dialogue between current and future generations of biological and biomedical researchers, three voting positions on FASEB’s Board of Directors and Science Policy Committee (SPC) are reserved for early-career scientists. Apply directly via the FASEB site here.
  • NEW FASEB Opportunity! SSR FASEB Science Policy Committee Representative: The FASEB Board of Directors is seeking a representative from SSR to join their Science Policy committee. The SPC serves as FASEB’s policy “think tank” and is charged with developing policy statements and initiatives for consideration by the FASEB Board of Directors. The committee meets monthly and the position term is three years. More information can be found here.

Committees meet approximately monthly, and work is done via email and Zoom, making it convenient to connect and collaborate. If you would like to find out more about a specific committee’s mission, goals, and projects, you can find our committee SOPs here. You will have the option to apply for up to three committees that align with your interests. Applications are open through April 15, 2024.

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